Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yet again another big post

This one ain't done, but I decided to show y'all anyways.

Not sure if I like the guy's hair so much, but the girl's hair definitely has potential.

OK, I hardly, hardly ever, go for pretty boys, he just appeared ok? i first did him on the right (the profile one) and then I was like hmmmm, he doesn't look so bad, so I did another one of him on the left, which miraculously his hair is sitll identical XD

For some reason the girl looks very Japanese, as in, Eido period wood block print Japanese woman, yeah, odd. Don't agree with the big lump on her head, but will need to adjust it sometimes, flow doesn't look too bad I guess.

The guy's hair sucks, the girls' one's better. Also like the ambiguous lines that are supposed to show either she's on her side, or other random angle.

I know realistically speaking, her neck would be broken by now XD, for some reason I like her hair better than his. Tell me why!

Lippy lippy lip lip.

My hands are freezing, can barely feel them.

Right, early dinner time.

Comment dammit!

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