Saturday, December 5, 2009

TradeMe Listing Closing Tonight!


This week's TradeMe listing is closing tonight in New Zealand time at 10pm!

This one's got two watchers on it already so keep your eyes out for it!

Exciting exciting :3

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vinyl Works

What's this? A rope?

A noose? A gnarly tree hole?

No, it are vinyl artwork yo.

And here's the bum bum bit.

And yes, this is a big fat post.

They were all photographed on an A1 sized cardboard, I know, it's a lame justification of of an explation of forgetting to measure them as I photographed them, reaaaaaaaaaaal smart.

Little vinyl works, gotta set up my Paypal account before I can sell them on Etsy, don't wanna use Credit card :P Oooh scary, American dollar conversion.

If you click on them to enlarge them you'll see that they're vinyl stickers still stuck to the adhesive paper they came with and I just cut away what I choose to get the resulted imagery.

Yellow Lotus Chicken Head Crowny.... yes, I don't like art titles.

More shots.

More saturation to pimp it up.

Tadah, the whole body.

And the bum bit.

Next we move onto reddy goodness~~

Chunky roostery peacocky alchemy animal.

Close up yo.

Introducing the chunkilicious chunky Ms Red.

The entire robuest chunky Ms Red.

I see so much red.

Green twins, I calls it.

Oooh, chunky crop?

No, it are wolfie woggie creature amalgamated togezor.

Wolf wolf woofie woof woof, lines lines lines.

Ooooh chunky chunky bark bark.

It's ovahhhhhh!!! Will let y'all know when I put 'em on TM!!!!!!!!!!

I mean Etsyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

OK, where do I begin?

Oh hai thar! (Sorry Rache I knicked this off ya).

It's been over a month since I've last updated, so I'm going to take this chance to update what I haven't updated but which should have been updated so now updated, finally.

First up, my submissions to FEW, never before seen images! As you can see the two Taniwhas have already been purchased :) They're all done in pencil/pen but pimped up via Photoshop.

Hmmm for some reason the Taniwhas always look shoddy when I upload them via blogger.

I've also created a new Facebook "fan page" that seperates my business from my personal life, if ya become a fan you'll have access to my awesome artworks :P also the latest news of art sales too.

Eat your eyes out!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey guys!

Sorry for not updating for ages!

Just gonna quickly post a TM listing here~~~~

I know, I'm mean for not showing you the front, if you live in New Zealand give it a click, who knows, somebody you know may liiiiiiiiike it~~~~~~

Still, I'll give you a hint:

One of them was hung in the Metropolise Cafe in Hamilton.

It's something you use to fix things, or to hold things in place.

If you can be stuffed, leave your comments so I know if it cramps your style or not, if not, sweet.

Took some proper photos of my vinyl works today, will list them up tomorrow (slack), still, afternoon tea calls!

Ooooh I start work tomorrow, (part time, but full time training!) congrats to meeee!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Wow, that was quite a roll on TradeMe, really encouraged me to go back and list some more on there!

I'm happy to announce that I've sold the following artworks, as shown here:

Thank you Cydonia and the other buyer who bought the girl and the wolf!

Going to list some more artworks up now!


Another week of anticipation awaits!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Selling My Babehs on Trade Me!

How reasonable are we talking about?

The A4 B/W pen drawings are at a start price at $5, Buy Now at $15.

There is one with a wee stain on the left, so the start price s at $3.50, Buy Now at $13.

There are currently two mixed media ones (pen and water-soluble colouring in pencils) with starting price at $20 and Buy Now at $40.

Here I drop you this link here~~~

Ariel's Trade Me Listings!

Play the doom doomity doom doom biddy bid bid game, or, Buy Now XD

Have yet to set up a PayPal account.

All sales will go towards funding my Emergency Counter Doomsday Device (i.e. dark Arabica coffee beans and chocolate), and flatting costs like toilet paper, it's a sad sad day when you ran out of money and toilet paper, very sad indeed.

Without further ado, click away people, and I'm here for any questions at all!

For those who don't know what Trade Me is, it's a New Zealand version of eBay.

In future I will register myself a PayPal account, expand expand expaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!

Click on either the picture above or the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink to get to my listiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Most recent pics yet!

I drew this one while watching Dilbert.

This is the sketch for my Maya project.
"All dressed up and nowhere to go...." XD


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Belated post!

Hey Guys and Girls!

Sorry, but I've been learning how to code, so much that my finger tips are tender as veal~~

I've just recently completed a website design assignment, so I designed the website that I'd like to own one day, portfolio site duh, with real domain name and everything.

So here you go!


Sunday, September 6, 2009


My last two pics came out BLUE~~~~~~

dunno how that happened XD

For some reason my blogger uploader decided to go crazy me thinks XD

I tried uploading them again but again they came out blue, interesting.

Oh well, you'll be able to see them on the SJS Big Idea site XD.

My Student Job Search submissions

I did them for the Student Job Search campaign.

They were never picked, but I was glad to be one of the 12 finalists.

Here are my submissions, the rest you can see it on their website.

To see their campaign visit their website here, dont' forget to look for my name!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Never before seen concept drawings!

Stay tuned! More to come!

*Warning! Extremely loooong post!* Procrastinators only!

Technically it happened nearly 3 weeks ago, but here goes!

By project, I mean that I was working on a campaign which aimed to help Student Job Search (if you don't live in New Zealand, it's a government run agency that's existed for the last 27 or so years that help students to find jobs and for employers to list jobs, anything from casual to permanent part time, absolutely free!

They screen and short list students for you so yeah, you get the idea, anybody have anything similar to that in their home country?) to persuade more employers out there (anybody from stressed housewives, small to medium business owners or just general office administration, retail and hospitality) to hire more students through them, 'cause of the recession (yes yes yes the R word, man that comes around tons), there had been a 20% drop of employers listing jobs with SJS, ironically around 20% more students signed up to it, you get the idea.

OK, so here ws the process~~~

  1. I saw the advertisement, which surprise surprise, two weeks til the dead line.
  2. Planned around ideas, but for some reason due to my not so PC nature I was very fond of the voraephilic undertone, which reflected in my initial 'Sample Us!' campaign through my two poster designs, as seen below. Believe me, toning down was the hardest!
So hold on a minute, why am I making such a big fuss about this?

'Cause you know why?

If I didn't start this blog to begin with, I wouldn't have done squat all, I wouldn't be drawing, I wouldn't be manipulating images, I wouldn't be scanning, I wouldn't be editing, I wouldn't be thinking, my brain would've just been rotting away to all Hell!

In other words if I didn't have my dear audience, especially Awesome Sara, the queen of all queens of champion blog commentators, my silent fans (yes I know you guys exist! Speak out or I shall prod your browser to all buggery!) that leaves endearing notes to know that yes, I've seen your work and I know you do exist, and good on you for moving along with post-graduation blues and actually trying to do something with yo' life!

Hence why I'm skipping my unsupervised lab time today and do this big arse bloggie post 'cause I think my audience deserve it! Also I need some time to enjoy coffee, 'cause the reggae music at uni cafe just doesn't cut it with moi.

OK, so here goes the first e-mail I sent them, we had to give a CV, a Cover Letter (less than 200 words), and obviously portfolio, I no can give you me CV, but I can give you my Cover Letter, which follows before the images, yes of course they wanted a portfolio! :P

Dear Project Manager

My name is Ariel Ni-Wei Huang and I am a New Zealand Citizen. I have a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Auckland and will commence study on a degree in Computer Graphic Design at the University of Waikato from this year’s second semester on wards.

I believe I can achieve the objective of the campaign successfully because I possess strong determination, relevant design skills and I am very familiar with how the dynamics between employers, students and SJS staff works therefore I know the kind of environment I am designing for, professional and ethical.

I have designed two posters for what I believe that the hypothetical brief would ask of me, which is to boldly present the objectives of SJS which in this case, strongly appeals to the financial advantage and user friendliness of the employers.

If chosen, I would tackle the brief and take it to the next level, for being a returning graduate has strengthened my determination to acquire more relevant skills in contemporary design as well as making connections.

Here I attach my Curriculum Vitae and portfolio.

I look forward to discuss further with you.

Yours Faithfully

Ariel Ni-Wei Huang

Man, looking back, it sucks ############################## (insert imaginery words) I gotta learn to write like a businessman (or an accountant, which ever makes me sound more business-like, or whatnot, blech.)

Ah well, here are the images!

Next post, the down and dirrrrrrrrrrrty! (Sketches you perves! Jeez what do you people feed your mind with!)