Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long time no post~~~

Hello, if you stop by and read me bloggie every so often, well I finally updated after all this time.


  • Finally got over the loss of MJ, now I can listen to his music and see imageries of him without feeling bwahaha.
  • Finished one semester so got one more semester to go for this year, so am currently on holiday.
  • I learned new skills, they are photo-manipulation with Photoshop, advanced Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, colour theory and some drawing.
Did I mention that I got an on going part time job as well? It's nothing to do with art or design but it does pay the rent and the bill. So now, I have the luxury to get one off freelance work but still able to spend moolah on art materials, I made a nebula guinea pig the other day, but I'll upload it some other time. I went hunting for one off jobs, got two actually, now I have to update my porfolio and CV as well as write two completely different cover letters, fun fun. Why am I updating this bloggie? I felt like ranting when I looked at my old CVs and was like whoaaaaaaaa what the hell is all this, there're so many unnecessary bits to be picked out and blaaaarghhh. Ah well, time to do a bit of CV clean up I guess.

Enjoy, and wish me luck with the jobbies :P