Thursday, February 12, 2009

Before you can move on further with the new you have to celebrate the past achievements

Hello, in case you're wondering why the blog is called Evo-Lyn, well, here's my answer:


I've been slack with updates.

'Cause I know, at the back of my head, there are some works of mine that will not breathe their last dusty breath until they've been showcased on this bloggie.

Until any further notice, I present you, one of my achievements last year, which is a neatly bound book of my succinct selection of works in a portfolio format, which I am very proud to say that is now owned by the University of Auckland, Elam School of Fine Arts Library, you can find it in the Artist Book Collection (where they will ask you to go behind the counter and flip through it with cottton gloves, schmancy, no?). If you really got there? Ask for Evolution Vinyl, yeah!

Originally the work was intended to be a portfolio of my second semester last year of the best works I've done and also to show that there were other works that led to the final exhibition, and I cannot express how much I am ultra psyched to be selected by the Fine Arts Library.

The book was bound by Rachel meow. *scratches R's bloggie*


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