Friday, May 15, 2009

Awesome Brisbane Trip Part 3

Somewhere in the CBD of Brissie, didn't like the shop but love the colours xD

One thing I LOVE about Brisbane is that there are chocolate/lolly stores EVERYWHERE. And I'm not kidding, even in the most generic shopping malls and in the middle of nowhere like Coolangatta.

Gotta love the window display man, mmmmmm jelly belly, you can customise the flavour selections like you do in the official M&M store in Time Square New York! Nice!

Walking along side the river (can't remember the name, but just I just walked along side of it), the weather was just awesome.

Saw this hair salon, apparently the glass painting was done by a local artist currently working at GoMA, got the guy to write down her name and phone number but I lost it T___T I asked if she had a blogspot but I don't she did, get blogging people!

I really liked this advertising campaign, at first I didn't get what the fishie was for but it didn't take long before I caught on. Also love the balance of the orange and the blue (actually, why is it that most of the time when you get gold fishie on commercial they're always orange? That's just biased!)

MYO (Make Your Own), the freshest sandwich ever! Sh#t expensive but totally worth it, mmmmmmm nom nom nom nom nom, rhy bread and everything, if I ever come back to Brissie and if they are still there (I hope they will be) I'll definitely be back there again.

Right, now where is that bowl of beef noodle soup? I need my iron dammit!

Awesome Brisbane Trip Part 2

Meow meow meow.

I finally made me pilgrimage to GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) and was really lucky to check out this exhibition, and the best part is that it's FREE! Nice innit? It had both Chinese and Asian Australian artists in there so it was a nice combo, and being Taiwanese (politically speaking China's little cousin) it made me felt quite emotionally connected, having read literature related to the Cultural Revolution.

I know everyone's views on the Cultural Revolution was different depending on your background and how you yourself or even people you know were affected by it, personally myself I was informed only through novels and movie (Farewell to my Concubine) but man, it was intense.

Tote bags (gallery merchandise).

One of the cast bronze Pelicans outside the GoMA as water feature scultpures by the late Aussie artists Leonard and Kathleen Shillam. I thought it looked lonely :(

Ah, saw this on the ground floor of the Art Gallery (old art housing thing building facing the GoMA) and I was like What the Hell, honestly Warhol was famous for his Poker Face in real life and in media, I know this was supposed to be appealing to smaller kids but come on! Don't cramp Warhol's style man!

That's all for now kiddies, I'm hungry for some beef noodle soup!

awesome Brisbane trip Part 1

I went to Brisbane for a wedding, but also made the most of it while I was there.

I mostly collected really nicely designed business cards but sometimes I generally focus on how the shops were "branded" overall, I also enjoyed looking at window displays as well ^^

Here goes the first part.

Paddington, a posh street in Brisbane where the retro clothing stores and fashion boutiques are housed, I just love the way the shop logo was designed and how the concept applied to the sanwich board.

And no, I didn't buy anything from there, but managed to find a good stash of different business cards ^^

Iced chocolate with ham and cheese croissaint at the 'Lavazza', a cafe near the GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art), nice, very fresh and filling (of course it was filling it was mostly cream!)

L (the bride) drove me past Chinatown, didn't get to see it but glad I caught the sign with me cammy while in car, I like the way the designer managed to incorporate the head and tail of the dragon into the western styled font with subtlety instead of opting for really fugly supposedly takeaway styled fonts (especially Chow Fan, what the Hell is that!?), so whoever designed it I give you my respect! 

By the way I took a photo of the awesome white striped red curtain back at the bride and groom's house, I couldn't help it, the lighting was just right and everything XD

Friday, May 8, 2009

You want a piece of ME!?

Maybe you do.

Checkie me outies on page 112 of this book here.

Where me and other fellow graduates squish very comfortably in that little book, did I say it's a graduation book full of nice selective photos of works?

Recent update:

  • Graduation (sweet, thanks mum and dad).
  • Auckland Art Fair '09 (got to talk to some awesome people in the fields, so double sweet).
  • Had $8 chips with a friend of mine plus her 2 other flatties while checking out each other's portfolio and photos of cats (best thing ever).

And now that I'm back, it's back to the drawing board, you'd wish, more like Microsoft Wording.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

An awesome post for an awesome person

This is for you, Awesome Sara.

I've been delayed in doing this ever since I got back from Brisbane, but here's a couple of quick ones for your eyes (and other peeps to enjoy, you friggin perves! Speak up damn you! That's right all of you! Bleccchhh!)

Gaaaahh graduation on Monday, blechhh, oooooh make up and all XD, will be up in Auckland until Thursday, so yeah.

Here goes!

Taken inside the Brisbane Art Gallery by the Artist Spencer Finch. Just thought you might enjoy the vibrant colours.

Brisbane State Library's public toilet, sooooooooooooo sterilised XD soooo clean!

Just ouside the South Brisbane train station, which is reflected from the Museum (or was it?) windows. Niiiiiiiice.

Hope you enjoyed this post! More to come me promise!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Exhibiting yo~~~

If anyone's from or coming to Hamilton sometimes this month be sure to check out my current exhibition at the lovely Metropolis Cafe on 211 Victoria Street Hamilton CBD!

My favourite food there is spaghetti with spicy sausages ($18) <3

Go go go before I take 'em down at the end of the month.

As you can see I purposefully made the pictures small so the only way to see them is to BE there XD, haha I is evil.

And yes, they ARE for sale, as follows:

Duct Tape Horse $200

Acrylic Paintings (2 in total) $100 each

Drawings on Brown Paper (5 in total) $150 each

Vinyl-cut Art (5 in total) $60 each

Any enquiries drop me a line, and if you are a frequenter at Metropolis and browsed upon this website, good on you XD.

Also would like to take this opportunity to thank the owner Neil for arranging this exhibition with me so thanks Neil!