Sunday, May 3, 2009

An awesome post for an awesome person

This is for you, Awesome Sara.

I've been delayed in doing this ever since I got back from Brisbane, but here's a couple of quick ones for your eyes (and other peeps to enjoy, you friggin perves! Speak up damn you! That's right all of you! Bleccchhh!)

Gaaaahh graduation on Monday, blechhh, oooooh make up and all XD, will be up in Auckland until Thursday, so yeah.

Here goes!

Taken inside the Brisbane Art Gallery by the Artist Spencer Finch. Just thought you might enjoy the vibrant colours.

Brisbane State Library's public toilet, sooooooooooooo sterilised XD soooo clean!

Just ouside the South Brisbane train station, which is reflected from the Museum (or was it?) windows. Niiiiiiiice.

Hope you enjoyed this post! More to come me promise!


  1. ah I LOVE THIS POST!!! you take good pics bitch. add photography to your talents!! that first pic with the colored glass is so neat!!! thank you!!!!! you are such a sweet heart, this post made my day!!!!!!