Friday, May 15, 2009

Awesome Brisbane Trip Part 3

Somewhere in the CBD of Brissie, didn't like the shop but love the colours xD

One thing I LOVE about Brisbane is that there are chocolate/lolly stores EVERYWHERE. And I'm not kidding, even in the most generic shopping malls and in the middle of nowhere like Coolangatta.

Gotta love the window display man, mmmmmm jelly belly, you can customise the flavour selections like you do in the official M&M store in Time Square New York! Nice!

Walking along side the river (can't remember the name, but just I just walked along side of it), the weather was just awesome.

Saw this hair salon, apparently the glass painting was done by a local artist currently working at GoMA, got the guy to write down her name and phone number but I lost it T___T I asked if she had a blogspot but I don't she did, get blogging people!

I really liked this advertising campaign, at first I didn't get what the fishie was for but it didn't take long before I caught on. Also love the balance of the orange and the blue (actually, why is it that most of the time when you get gold fishie on commercial they're always orange? That's just biased!)

MYO (Make Your Own), the freshest sandwich ever! Sh#t expensive but totally worth it, mmmmmmm nom nom nom nom nom, rhy bread and everything, if I ever come back to Brissie and if they are still there (I hope they will be) I'll definitely be back there again.

Right, now where is that bowl of beef noodle soup? I need my iron dammit!


  1. awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! i love it all, take me with you next time ou go. i'll make you like shopping!

  2. You're going back to school!!! fantastic, i'm so jealous!

  3. the mojito cupcake recipe is on my blog if your friend needs it. i'm going to attempt to make it. wish me luck!