Friday, February 27, 2009

Bow before the Empress

And behold her glowiness!

Glowiness glowiness!

I got no idea what to do with this, except that I have now mastered the power of awesome glowiness.

Or, if you like it, you can save it and paste it on your bebo/facebook/whatever cyberwhatnots they have these days just to prove that you're super awesome, 'cause I'm awesome, therefore, by owning a simulacra of my awesomness will too, make you awesome, so there!

For real size, click on it, for real feel of awesomeness, paste it on your whatnot and see!

May make some wallpaper in the near future, but we'll see.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unjust! Unjust!

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. is against this unjust law - help us

You heard me, go there and sign!

But instead of blacking out, Imma spread this message!

I changed the header!

This is the old one here.

My partner pointed out to me that it was quite difficult to read so I made it much easier to be read within 2 seconds, say if you were walking down the street and only have so much attention span left.

Meow! At first I was a bit reluctant letting the old one go, but at least it can be seen here so you can make comparisons.

La la la la la.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2nd part of the Almost-Famous bunchies~~

Here you go.


Actually, this below is one of my personal favourites, round and round and round and round and you get the idea :P
Ice cream empire? Or swirly empire? I is no idea.

Where did you think the drawings came from?

Obviously, there would have been some that didnt' make the cut.

But, I think they deserve some credits.

So here you go.

Go! Go go go go go go go!

Still more to come so have a look and stay tuned!

Drawings, drawings, drawings, what are drawings?


Pen on brown paper.

Did them after the vinyl series for second semester's final exhibition.

After holding the X-Acto knife for a while, it felt weird holding an actual pen again, got this feeling like 'whoa, aren't I supposed to be peeling something away after I finalise this stroke?', but Hans Bellmer was a great influence at the back of my mind, maybe, what a draughtsman he was, and you think they put the hype on Dali ^^

You may have already seen one of them in my Portfolio section.





All I know is that, when you can just keep on drawing without any interruptions for hours, it feels pretty bloody good.

Amousez vous bien!

Plenty more where they came from too, but I'm picky.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Got tagged, 6th photo in my 6th folder.

Here it is yo.

From my previous post in the book section.

The 6th photo in my 6th folder, as tagged by Rachel.


got a new logo now as you can see ^_^.

Friday, February 13, 2009

PORTFOLIO 2005-2008

Articles I find useful from the Artist Alliance

I spent most of my day today reading articles on Artist Alliance, and I have come across some very insightful articles that are not only useful but very personally relating at the same time.

A lovely and most straight up essay from Bill Cookes, talking about how to select the most appropriate bookshop to sell your art books and ways to approach galleries, titled, What Are Galleries For.

And another equally useful article by Alex Stone, Finding the Right Gallery, in which the author expressed the personal experience of finding sponsorship and approaching galleries, I found it very personal 'cause I believe it relates to just about every artist (including me of course).

But the first article I looked at, Finding the Right Gallery - Good Advice, was what drew me into reading further on, being written by a practising dealer gallery owner, Mr Gillian Thomas.

I also read Arty-Farty Dole, though only skimmed through it, if anyone want to read it for interest then go right ahead.

Hope anybody find them as beneficial as I do.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The predecessor of the vinyl works was when I discovered the scraps at sign writing stores, so I cut out shapes of strawberries and stuck them all over the window at George Fraser Gallery, when our tutors let us have the space for a month so we can have an open studio practice, and eventually got some silver vinyls and stuck them on the ceiling, why? 'cause I can!

Click click clickity click click click!

And.... this is what came to for my second semester's exhibition meow, all vinyl! I carve out the 'strokes' and leave the white on, and the second and third photo is what happens when I literally cut around it.

Get clickity click and enjoy what you see!

Hope you enjoyed that, I are back to scanning yo.


Before you can move on further with the new you have to celebrate the past achievements

Hello, in case you're wondering why the blog is called Evo-Lyn, well, here's my answer:


I've been slack with updates.

'Cause I know, at the back of my head, there are some works of mine that will not breathe their last dusty breath until they've been showcased on this bloggie.

Until any further notice, I present you, one of my achievements last year, which is a neatly bound book of my succinct selection of works in a portfolio format, which I am very proud to say that is now owned by the University of Auckland, Elam School of Fine Arts Library, you can find it in the Artist Book Collection (where they will ask you to go behind the counter and flip through it with cottton gloves, schmancy, no?). If you really got there? Ask for Evolution Vinyl, yeah!

Originally the work was intended to be a portfolio of my second semester last year of the best works I've done and also to show that there were other works that led to the final exhibition, and I cannot express how much I am ultra psyched to be selected by the Fine Arts Library.

The book was bound by Rachel meow. *scratches R's bloggie*