Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yahoo PlaceMaker and Maps Client

    My Google API Application

    google.load("search", "1");

    function OnLoad() {
      // Create a search control
      var searchControl = new;

//create LocalSearch object

//create a LocalSearch instance
function initialiseLocalSearch()
localSearch = new;

//we want lots of results (actually only 8)

//set the Local Search centre point (a geographic location)

//Set searchComplete as callback function when a search is
//complete. The localSearch object will hold results
localSearch.setSearchCompleteCallback(this, searchComplete, null);

//include teh required Google branding'branding');

function searchComplete() {
var result_element = document.getElementById("result-div");

//if we have at least 1 search results
if(localSearch.results && localSearch.results.length > 0)
//loop through the results
for(var i = 0; i < localSearch.results.length; i++)
var result = localSearch.results[i];

//a result element's html property contains a DOM tree
//make a complete copy of it to add to our page

var result_node = result.html.cloneNode(true);

//add the result to some element in our page



      // Add in a full set of searchers
      var localSearch = new;

      // Set the Local Search center point
      localSearch.setCenterPoint("Hamilton, New Zealand");

//remove the results of any previous queries

//carry out a searh for the given query string

      // Tell the searcher to draw itself and tell it where to attach

      // Execute an inital search



My Google API Application


Monday, February 21, 2011

My recent works!

Hello hello there!

As you can see I haven't been updating this blog for a very long time, because I decided to use facebook as a more efficient way to update my latest art and abouts.

You can follow and 'like' me here on Ariel's Asylum.

As for my other latest art and about, go vote for my T-shirt Design here.

But first, ya gotta go register here. My addict name is 'Ariel' by the way :)

Aaaand finally, go vote for my design by clicking on the pussyat image below >:-)

School's gonna start again in a week's time, looking forward to it!

This is the last post that I'll ever make here, it's been good and fun and I got to meet amazing people through it, but the Asylum is where I will expand my fan empire from now on :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A wee TM sketch, Beyonce-esque anime Princess

I found this little ol' sketch lying round my room, if anyone wants it, bid for your life on TradeMe :) right here. Unfortunately i missed the Psych lecture of the week, but will need to do at least two pages worth of sketch next time!

Until then, oof.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I did this during Cognitive Psychology lecture

Can anybody pronounce cognitive? 'Cause I can't, like the time I can't pronounce apocalypse :)

Soooo, school's started yet again, got two COMP papers to do, one's video editing (Final Cut Pro) with Game Maker in the second module, one big fatty Design Paper (one part focused on Typography and the other just designy stuff), and an Internet Application paper, get to learn about Java.

I went to this lecture with a few friends for the hell of it, and got so bored that I scribbled an entire refill page of well, scribbles, inspired by Michael Jackson's song Dirty Diana, so I tried to create what Diana would look like, frankly I started with the girl on the left then to the right, but I still like the one that I started with the best.

The best part of this is?

When we came out of the lecture, a friend of mine said to me "You know the people that was sitting behind you, they were whispering to each other things like 'oh dear she's not going to pass this paper if she does nothing but draw in it'."


I still intend to go, I mean, what better way to start scribbling than being in an environment of pure uncomfortable boredom? Maybe I should go out of my way to do something disturbing like an eye staring back at them or something, I should, and it can be my weekly Psych drawing class XD

I like where this is going.

Got my previous semester's works back, am thinking 'bout selling some of them, can't keep them all in my dingy flat :P

Enjoy the drawing, click on it for a bigger and better view :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sketches done for I Dream of a Baby Dragon

Ooof, it's way past bed time, I'll leave y'all to your imaginations shall I? Nighters!