Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A wee TM sketch, Beyonce-esque anime Princess

I found this little ol' sketch lying round my room, if anyone wants it, bid for your life on TradeMe :) right here. Unfortunately i missed the Psych lecture of the week, but will need to do at least two pages worth of sketch next time!

Until then, oof.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I did this during Cognitive Psychology lecture

Can anybody pronounce cognitive? 'Cause I can't, like the time I can't pronounce apocalypse :)

Soooo, school's started yet again, got two COMP papers to do, one's video editing (Final Cut Pro) with Game Maker in the second module, one big fatty Design Paper (one part focused on Typography and the other just designy stuff), and an Internet Application paper, get to learn about Java.

I went to this lecture with a few friends for the hell of it, and got so bored that I scribbled an entire refill page of well, scribbles, inspired by Michael Jackson's song Dirty Diana, so I tried to create what Diana would look like, frankly I started with the girl on the left then to the right, but I still like the one that I started with the best.

The best part of this is?

When we came out of the lecture, a friend of mine said to me "You know the people that was sitting behind you, they were whispering to each other things like 'oh dear she's not going to pass this paper if she does nothing but draw in it'."


I still intend to go, I mean, what better way to start scribbling than being in an environment of pure uncomfortable boredom? Maybe I should go out of my way to do something disturbing like an eye staring back at them or something, I should, and it can be my weekly Psych drawing class XD

I like where this is going.

Got my previous semester's works back, am thinking 'bout selling some of them, can't keep them all in my dingy flat :P

Enjoy the drawing, click on it for a bigger and better view :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sketches done for I Dream of a Baby Dragon

Ooof, it's way past bed time, I'll leave y'all to your imaginations shall I? Nighters!

New Art for sale!

I did this for my project, we had to use the programme Illustrator to create well, an illustration consisting of a dragon and a human being.

It is A3 in size, quality print and mounted on a black foamboard, ready to be displayed, it'd make an ideal present for anyone who has the hots for orange-haired boys and the squee for baby dragons!

If you're keen to take a look click here and it'll lead you there, but hurry the auction only lasts for 7 days!

On my next post you'll get to see sketches of the dragon and the human before it got finalised! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Long time no post~~~

Hello, if you stop by and read me bloggie every so often, well I finally updated after all this time.


  • Finally got over the loss of MJ, now I can listen to his music and see imageries of him without feeling bwahaha.
  • Finished one semester so got one more semester to go for this year, so am currently on holiday.
  • I learned new skills, they are photo-manipulation with Photoshop, advanced Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, colour theory and some drawing.
Did I mention that I got an on going part time job as well? It's nothing to do with art or design but it does pay the rent and the bill. So now, I have the luxury to get one off freelance work but still able to spend moolah on art materials, I made a nebula guinea pig the other day, but I'll upload it some other time. I went hunting for one off jobs, got two actually, now I have to update my porfolio and CV as well as write two completely different cover letters, fun fun. Why am I updating this bloggie? I felt like ranting when I looked at my old CVs and was like whoaaaaaaaa what the hell is all this, there're so many unnecessary bits to be picked out and blaaaarghhh. Ah well, time to do a bit of CV clean up I guess.

Enjoy, and wish me luck with the jobbies :P

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

These are not my photos, but man are they adorable!

These are photos by the very talented Mr Tom and Steve, visit their website at www.tomandsteve.com, please bear in mind these images are copyrighted and the reason why I'm using them is for an educational purpose, I am currently doing an on-line based paper called Electronic Commerce at Waikato uni so I uploaded these pictures so a source can be provided for my practice web design.

Mr Tom and Steve, if you see this post and feel that your copyright has been breached, please let me know so I can take these images down. Thanks.