Friday, April 17, 2009

Last post of the day

We'll finish with something retro~~~~

Will be away 18th to the 26th, until then, meow.

oestrogen overload

I think that doggie is one of the most masculine thing I've drawn in a while, oooooh here comes the oestrogen rush XD

I had to burn them hard out on PS 'cause the originals are really faint, but if anyone wants to see the originals untouched then drop me a line.

Need to figure out a way to make them less photocopy-esque T_________T

photoshop brow pimping yo

hmmmmm, if only you can apply make up by virtual air brushing ^^

mutt's in the house


I mean oof!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009


no you perve, as in seeing me art before the pencils got stripped away, trying to be more tidy and efficient, but thought that maybe you guys would like to see what it would've looked like before the inky came along.

that's all for tonight man, really appreciate the comments from last last last last update, keep coming back for more guys XD

rough couple

originally it was a black and white line art work I wasn't happy with, but after chucking in the circular tooley thing in PS I thought maybe it ain't too bad after all, but I will say that I'm not happy with the guy's neck >< but thinking 'bout attemping more elliptical framing artworks in the future.

yet to be fattened line art

so, how do you fatten line art?

you extra-line it!

I think one way to tell if your lineworks need more beef is when you scan it and see it on the screen and go 'damn that line needs some extra fat-loving!'

so the boobie part is fine, the face is fine, just need to emphasise her curviness is all.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Long time no postie~~

Hey guys

Firstly, as you have noticed, I changed my banner, hopefully it's more awesome than the previous one, as I decided to make this site less formal (as it it wasn't that informal already XD)

I'll also like to say thanks to me all super awesome followers *jab jabbity jab jab jab, that's right I'm jabbing your eye balls* for jabbing me when I dont' update.

Also, to make up for long time no postie, here are a selection of my personal faves, these images are part of a portfolio which I prepared for a job in concept design / illustrator / matte painting, which I have yet to hear back from.

Just literally few minutes ago I sent out design samples to a T-shirt company in NZ, hopefully they think my designs are awesome enough, if not, then I'll post 'em here next time for y'all to see XD