Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Drawings, drawings, drawings, what are drawings?


Pen on brown paper.

Did them after the vinyl series for second semester's final exhibition.

After holding the X-Acto knife for a while, it felt weird holding an actual pen again, got this feeling like 'whoa, aren't I supposed to be peeling something away after I finalise this stroke?', but Hans Bellmer was a great influence at the back of my mind, maybe, what a draughtsman he was, and you think they put the hype on Dali ^^

You may have already seen one of them in my Portfolio section.





All I know is that, when you can just keep on drawing without any interruptions for hours, it feels pretty bloody good.

Amousez vous bien!

Plenty more where they came from too, but I'm picky.

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