Friday, February 13, 2009

Articles I find useful from the Artist Alliance

I spent most of my day today reading articles on Artist Alliance, and I have come across some very insightful articles that are not only useful but very personally relating at the same time.

A lovely and most straight up essay from Bill Cookes, talking about how to select the most appropriate bookshop to sell your art books and ways to approach galleries, titled, What Are Galleries For.

And another equally useful article by Alex Stone, Finding the Right Gallery, in which the author expressed the personal experience of finding sponsorship and approaching galleries, I found it very personal 'cause I believe it relates to just about every artist (including me of course).

But the first article I looked at, Finding the Right Gallery - Good Advice, was what drew me into reading further on, being written by a practising dealer gallery owner, Mr Gillian Thomas.

I also read Arty-Farty Dole, though only skimmed through it, if anyone want to read it for interest then go right ahead.

Hope anybody find them as beneficial as I do.

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