Friday, May 15, 2009

awesome Brisbane trip Part 1

I went to Brisbane for a wedding, but also made the most of it while I was there.

I mostly collected really nicely designed business cards but sometimes I generally focus on how the shops were "branded" overall, I also enjoyed looking at window displays as well ^^

Here goes the first part.

Paddington, a posh street in Brisbane where the retro clothing stores and fashion boutiques are housed, I just love the way the shop logo was designed and how the concept applied to the sanwich board.

And no, I didn't buy anything from there, but managed to find a good stash of different business cards ^^

Iced chocolate with ham and cheese croissaint at the 'Lavazza', a cafe near the GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art), nice, very fresh and filling (of course it was filling it was mostly cream!)

L (the bride) drove me past Chinatown, didn't get to see it but glad I caught the sign with me cammy while in car, I like the way the designer managed to incorporate the head and tail of the dragon into the western styled font with subtlety instead of opting for really fugly supposedly takeaway styled fonts (especially Chow Fan, what the Hell is that!?), so whoever designed it I give you my respect! 

By the way I took a photo of the awesome white striped red curtain back at the bride and groom's house, I couldn't help it, the lighting was just right and everything XD

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