Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vinyl Works

What's this? A rope?

A noose? A gnarly tree hole?

No, it are vinyl artwork yo.

And here's the bum bum bit.

And yes, this is a big fat post.

They were all photographed on an A1 sized cardboard, I know, it's a lame justification of of an explation of forgetting to measure them as I photographed them, reaaaaaaaaaaal smart.

Little vinyl works, gotta set up my Paypal account before I can sell them on Etsy, don't wanna use Credit card :P Oooh scary, American dollar conversion.

If you click on them to enlarge them you'll see that they're vinyl stickers still stuck to the adhesive paper they came with and I just cut away what I choose to get the resulted imagery.

Yellow Lotus Chicken Head Crowny.... yes, I don't like art titles.

More shots.

More saturation to pimp it up.

Tadah, the whole body.

And the bum bit.

Next we move onto reddy goodness~~

Chunky roostery peacocky alchemy animal.

Close up yo.

Introducing the chunkilicious chunky Ms Red.

The entire robuest chunky Ms Red.

I see so much red.

Green twins, I calls it.

Oooh, chunky crop?

No, it are wolfie woggie creature amalgamated togezor.

Wolf wolf woofie woof woof, lines lines lines.

Ooooh chunky chunky bark bark.

It's ovahhhhhh!!! Will let y'all know when I put 'em on TM!!!!!!!!!!

I mean Etsyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow these are amazing! I would buy stuff from you off trademe but I am poor and Canada is so far away.