Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Doppleganger post

This is a post of personal bemusement, it is by no means trying to take credit of what isn't mine.

The photographs of the male models are by the photographer Dan Martensen from his Portfolio 2 section, the female model in the peacock dress is from Portfolio 3.

I was visiting Gangsta Bride's Victorian Hair section, when she referenced the inspiration via the photographs of Dan Martensen.

And curiously I went to check it out, and found out more than I have expected.

I usually draw guys at the top of my head, but to find dopplegangers out there well man, I don't know it's either awesome, or just plain weird XD.

My guy's pic can be found here.And my other guy can be found here.

I just chucked this together 'cause whoever did this dress, I'd love to wear it to my hypothetical wedding in the future, it's just plain awesome! When I did the sketch I didn't know what was quite the feeling I was trying to capture but this just explained it all!

Again, apart from my drawings, everything else above belong to their respective owners.


  1. OMG this is sick!!! I think this is my fav post yet!!! you think me and guy smile the same????

  2. cool sketches. You added a great personal touch to these.