Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not quite there, but decide to show y'all anyways

Like the hair, like his right hand on my left, but not the face T_T

I like her hands, but something's not so right about her face, plus I'm not happy with the big hands too

The original idea was just 'a person holding a cel phone', alright, I like the jeans and the hair, but something about the way that she's holding the phone was rather off, and that she looks preggy when she's not supposed to be XD

Glorified sketch of a quick concept? Totally got her hands in a warped as perspective. Blehh.

Originally I messed up the guy's eye but then I was like heeeeeeey, the f#ck#d nose and eyes actually go quite well together, meep.

Been sitting on this PC for like, 5 hours now... meeeeeeeeeeeeep, still, more to come XD

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