Monday, June 15, 2009

Cabin Fever Beast

I've been reliving my childhood through watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast (on VH1!) as well as listening to the original soundtrack non-stop.

And without a doubt the Beast is my favourite character XD

The top one was me trying to remember what the Beast looked like at the top of my head without looking for reference, which, of course it's nothing comparing to the guy who did the character design XD

The one below was based on a concept of a so called 'Beast', what if he wasn't animalistic in terms of looks but just got a real severe case of Cabin Fever?

Lucky he has a doggie to keep him company, originally I was going to edit out the other doodles on the other side but thought you guys may want to see my not so complete side of drawings :P

Still more to come~!

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