Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Girl at the window, perving at the boy, XD his cat disapproves!

Sketchy~~ no there is no relationship between the scrawny guy n the Eskimo XD

"Now what do I do?"

"Ride me dammit!"

"Well you're not making it very easy are you!?"

"Too bad!"

I have the best hat ever! 'Cause it looks like a cat's nomming my head!

Thanks Awesome Sara n Gangsta Bride for commenting on opinions on whether I should have URLS on the drawings, I think for now I'll leave them blank, but if there are any really detailed ones that are more likely to be downloaded and saved and perved at XD I'll make 'em as invisible as possible!

By the way, I got featured on Awesome Sara's bloggie! And I really appreicate the comments guys (both towards her being awesome and to me being the recipe provider), it's nice to see one of my useless talents having their day XD

One of my newly acquired useless talents is cartwheels XD I can do 5 in a row so far :)

I've been doing alot of detailed drawings (here's a hint, LOTS of hair) but in a reluctant mood to scan them (not very professional of me innit? well I'm tempted to hire a minimum wager to do my scanning for me so I can give her the title Service Scanning B#tch, in my dreams!)


Definitely need to start scanning them tomorrow.

For now, it's off to bed XD

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  1. Really nice skteches! The first one is my favorite!