Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm working for a T-shirt company for a one off project at the mo, most of the stuff is on the down low but here's a sneak peek, whether it makes it cut or not, we'll see. Mean while, have a fantail girl pin up.

And if anyone noticed, yes my cat blog is empty, I already posted this problem to Blogger Help Forum and apparently alot of bloggers are having problems with incomplete blogs as well, I just hope it gets well soon, no kitty pics for a while T_________T

Fantail girl!


  1. yea i was like where are the cats???? i came here to ask you but you already answered. that middle fairy is adorable! i would wear it on a tee. that would so cute if the fairy was off centered and there were wings on the back of the tee

    question... why can't i vote?? it dont even let me chose

  2. Here's that HTML tutorial