Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Horsey horsey horsey

Here's a fact:

A horse cannot be called a horse unless the top of its shoulder is higher than 1.6m, otherwise, it's a poneh!

Hmmm, I realised that I've been doing alot of glowy stuff now, so now people, be honest with me, in your honest opinion, which ones do you like best, the CG enhanced radiant images or the ones that remains unaltered?

Tell me! I know you're all out there! Come out come out whereever you are!


  1. I'm a fan of the radiant look. I dunno makes me feel warm and fuzzy

  2. Yeah the reason why I started making them is because they just float wherever, and glow and flo whereever they go~~ XD

  3. i love the float-y its so magical. Oh you got an award from me, check out my blog

  4. Realeh? I is go checkie outie yo.