Friday, April 3, 2009

Long time no postie~~

Hey guys

Firstly, as you have noticed, I changed my banner, hopefully it's more awesome than the previous one, as I decided to make this site less formal (as it it wasn't that informal already XD)

I'll also like to say thanks to me all super awesome followers *jab jabbity jab jab jab, that's right I'm jabbing your eye balls* for jabbing me when I dont' update.

Also, to make up for long time no postie, here are a selection of my personal faves, these images are part of a portfolio which I prepared for a job in concept design / illustrator / matte painting, which I have yet to hear back from.

Just literally few minutes ago I sent out design samples to a T-shirt company in NZ, hopefully they think my designs are awesome enough, if not, then I'll post 'em here next time for y'all to see XD



  1. holy fuck, that banner is so rocking!!! i love it, i love so much i want to be its baby mama!!

    glad you're back, it was lonely with out you. *insert the awwwwwwww here*

  2. hey!!! i was wondering if you would like to guest blog on my blog??? i was thinking of doing a guest blogger every week. you can talk about anything you want, really. i was thinking of favorite home accessory or something. ya know, art, vases, men, etc. you could post some of your designs if you want. i was going to have a guest blogger every week. let me know if you want to do this!!

  3. Wow. Some really creative designs and concepts.

  4. The banner is awesome, and great designs!